7 Essential Items Every Newbie Photographer Should Own

Of all the Hobbies I have ever picked up, Photography has got to be one of the most expensive. A huge chunk of my wages goes on Photography equipment every month, and all I use it for is to take Photo’s of my Cats and my other hobbies… like my Iron Man Pop Vinyl obsession. Oh, and Photographing my books!!! There are ways to reduce your spending on Photography gear, by buying cheaper alternatives, and sometimes, the cheaper alternatives often turn out being better than the ones most Photography guru’s tell you that you SHOULD buy. So it’s safe to......

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August 09, 2016


Afternoon, lovelies! IT’S BEEN A WHILE, I KNOW! I would really like to just get on with new blog posts but feel like I should address the elephant in the room… his name is ‘haven’t-blogged-in-two-months-but-now-im-back’...

A Little Update
March 22, 2016

A Little Update

I’m sorry I’ve been inactive, I’ve been so run down lately,  I can’t eat or drink and sleep is a luxury I’m not familiar with. I had a long 4 day weekend last week for...

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