100 Things To Be Happy About

100 Things To Be Happy About

things to be happy about

It can sometimes be easy to let the world get you down, that’s why it’s important to just sit and observe and appreciate all of the little things that have the ability to make us happy no matter what is going on in our lives, here’s a list of 100 things to be happy about.


  1. The smell of saltwater while walking on the beach.
  2. Proving someone wrong.
  3. When you realise you’ve finally moved on from someone.
  4. Finding something you thought you lost.
  5. Seeing someone go out of their way to do something for you.
  6. Children laughing uncontrollably.
  7. Being on a date that’s going really, really well.
  8. Beating your high score on a game/app when you’ve been trying for so long.
  9. A fast food run when you’re really craving it.
  10. Road trips in the rain.
  11. Family barbeques in summer.
  12. Falling asleep as soon as your head hits the pillow.
  13. That feeling you get when you finally conquer your fears.
  14. Spending the entire day at a theme park with your friends/family during the summer.
  15. Picnics with your boyfriend/girlfriend.
  16. Exploring a new city.
  17. Tea and toast (with jam on!)
  18. That inner excitement you get when you first realise it’s snowing.
  19. Sitting on a park swing at midnight and swinging your troubles away.
  20. The first kiss with someone you’ve been wanting to kiss for a really long time.
  21. Perfectly even nail polish.
  22. Baggy hoodies and tshirts.
  23. Waterparks.
  24. Birthday cake.
  25. Your mothers homemade chicken broth.
  26. Reminiscing on your childhood with siblings.
  27. Finding song lyrics on the internet.
  28. The taste of watermelon.
  29. Having your hair played with.
  30. Finding money.
  31. Being attracted to someone when you least expect it.
  32. “I love you,” being mouthed across a room.
  33. The first bite of a meal when you’re hungry.
  34. The first drops of rain on the roof.
  35. Sitting down on the settee after a long day.
  36. Waking up and being able to go back to sleep.
  37. Tea rooms.
  38. Abandoned places and the beauty in them.
  39. Chocolate milkshake.
  40. Pre-christmas hustle and bustle.
  41. Photo albums and saving your memories.
  42. Triangular sandwiches.
  43. A new series of your favourite show.
  44. The calm before the storm.
  45. Rewatching your favourite childhood films.
  46. Making lists and crossing things off them.
  47. Ice pops on a hot day.
  48. Waking up to sunshine on your face.
  49. Decorating a Christmas tree.
  50. A real log fire.
  51. Believing in yourself.
  52. Daisy chains.
  53. Caramel waffles from the Christmas markets.
  54. Carving pumpkins.
  55. The smell of bookstores.
  56. Inside jokes with people.
  57. Laughing so hard your stomach hurts.
  58. A cold breeze on a hot summers day.
  59. Snow globes.
  60. Brunch.
  61. The smell of coconuts, i.e. coconut butter, coconut conditioner.
  62. Clothes right out of the dryer.
  63. Long showers.
  64. Thunderstorms.
  65. Apologizing and resolving an issue with someone.
  66. Throwing a frisbee.
  67. Holding hands.
  68. The smell of freshly cut grass.
  69. Jumping on a trampoline.
  70. Finally standing up for yourself.
  71. Ignoring and blocking out all of the negativity – aint nobody got time for that.
  72. Big, tight hugs that make you feel wanted and loved.
  73. When an old friend texts you to see how you are.
  74. Loving someone more than you can explain.
  75. Water fights.
  76. The excitement of going somewhere new.
  77. The sound of trees rustling in the wind.
  78. Looking out of the wind while you’re on the train – at a beautiful sunset, or just at a rainy day, because there’s beauty in both.
  79. Lazy Sundays. 
  80. A nap when you really, really need one.
  81. When your favourite song comes on the radio in the car.
  82. A hot bath – with or without bubbles.
  83. Somebody saying, “I’m proud of you.”
  84. Laughing so hard that you cry.
  85. Sticking your leg out of the quilt when you’re too hot, and achieving that perfect body temperature.
  86. Falling in love for the first time, and the second time, and the third.
  87. Epic sunsets.
  88. Getting absorbed in a really good book.
  89. Forgetting what happens in a really awesome movie or book and then reliving it and loving it even more.
  90. Those rosy red cheeks you get after coming in from the cold.
  91. Popping bubble wrap and feeling like you’re 5 again.
  92. Being outside in the rain, not caring about getting wet.
  93. The smell that spring brings.
  94. A fire in your backyard at night during the summer.
  95. Getting packages in the mail.
  96. Finding a new TV show that you become obsessed with.
  97. Scrolling through Tumblr and seeing pictures that inspire you.
  98. Payday.
  99. Leaving the windows open all day.
  100. Realising that someone loves you just as much as you love them.

I hope that this list made you smile as much as it made me smile while writing it, and I hope that you’re able to enjoy and appreciate all of the little things around you – I’ll be making this a regular feature on my blog, so be sure to come back every week for new things to be happy about! If you have anything that makes you happy, please feel free to let me know it in the comments! 

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Kirsty XO


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  1. I love this list so much! Thank you for brightening up my day! Also, I’m really craving a chocolate milkshake now hehe. xxxxx


  2. I really enjoyed reading this list, we definitely share some dreams! I love making bucket lists and crossing them off as I go, all such amazing experiences to fulfill.

    Sally ~ DiagonSally

  3. I really want to cuddle a baby monkey as well ! I would love to road trip around Europe as well !

    • Kirsty Halliwell Says: February 22, 2016 at 12:10 pm

      Funny story, my boyfriend actually saw this and then took me to a monkey forest at the weekend to cross it off my bucket list, for our anniversary! They were all so adorable!

  4. Fantastic post. You have some things on your list which you don’t tend to see on your average ‘bucket list’. I hope you get to achieve all of these things 🙂 x

    Christina Marie – xtinagsays.blogspot.co.uk

  5. It looks like an amazing experience !
    Alexandra xx

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