45 Things To Be Happy About In Summer

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I’ve been quite happy lately, and for someone with quite a long and vicious history with depression, I’m always incredibly grateful for the good days and the things that make them a little brighter, so I started writing a list of the little things that make me happy, because sometimes the little things are the most important. As the title suggests, it carries a general Summery theme.

  1. The smell of saltwater when you’re nowhere near a beach.
  2. The smell of freshly cut grass.
  3. Finding ice-pops in the freezer.
  4. Pretty blossom trees with falling blossom.
  5. Natural light – forever improving iPhone photo’s.
  6. Going back to a sketch you thought was bad and realising it looks amazing.
  7. Picnic dates.
  8. Uncontrollable laughter.
  9. Pub lunches with a loved one.
  10. Watercolour lettering.
  11. Family barbeques in summer.
  12. Water fights on a hot day.
  13. The smell that rain leaves that lingers when a storm is about to occur.
  14. Spending the entire day at a theme park.
  15. Road trips where you just drive and get lost.
  16. Finding something you thought you’d lost.
  17. Finding old school books and journals, even if they are cringeworthy.
  18. The excitement you get when seeing a city’s landmark from miles away (blackpool tower?)
  19. Swinging on a tire swing and getting stuck.
  20. The feeling you get when a loved one says ‘I love you.’
  21. When your friends tag you in motivational quotes on Facebook or IG, just because.
  22. Visiting old roman remains.
  23. Waterparks.
  24. Swimming in rivers with your friends/family.
  25. Mindlessly doodling.
  26. Train journeys and window seats.
  27. Listening to music and imagining the people in the setting around you is a music video.
  28. Frozen watermelon and grapes.
  29. Putting down the windows in the car and feeling the breeze against your face.
  30. Getting sunburnt cheeks.
  31. Putting sunburn on your partners face, and vice versa.
  32. “I love you,” being mouthed across a room.
  33. Portable Barbecue’s in the park.
  34. Finding a toilet after holding in your pee on a longgggg journey.
  35. The smell of your clothes after leaving them to dry outside… (mine smell of trees!)
  36. Sitting in the garden at midnight after everyone’s left and just breathing in the air.
  37. Tea rooms, clotted cream, scones, and the atmosphere.
  38. Walking to the end of the pier when it’s deserted, and enjoying the sea breeze and the view.
  39. Getting a sudden urge to travel.
  40. Listening to covers of songs that are way better than the original.
  41. Picnics on the beach.
  42. Getting sand in your hair and it still being there for days afterward.
  43. The exhaustion you feel after a long day out.
  45. Going to an old village with your siblings and nephew and their girlfriends/boyfriends, getting all the food from the local village shop and then spreading it all out on the grass ledge by the river, making your way through the bushes and bristle and then jumping in from a 15ft ledge, laughing, joking, teasing, and then drying off in the sun, finally getting a bus ride home and being full of grass, mud, a water stained shirt, and just being so happy that you swear you could do that every day forever and never get bored. I love those days. I’m due one soon.
  46. I forgot to add the great British hunt we all go on for a Mr Whippy, otherwise known as a 99er.

That’s all, folks, I hope that despite having to work indoors while it’s warm out, or if you’re suffering from hay fever, or just burn easily, you’re still finding things to be happy about – I know that loving the smell of cut grass is universal, so at least there’s that.

Have a great day and a wonderful summer, and don’t forget your lotion, an umbrella, and an extra piece of warm clothingJUST INCASE, because I just made the mistake of walking to the shop in a shirt and almost froze to death because of the wind.

Love, Kirsty XO


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  1. I love everything about this list (watercolour lettering, picnic dates, road trips.. etc. etc. etc) and made me happy too <3


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