60 Reasons I Love Him

  1. His eyes… they’re like a glacier blue, they’re so pretty and I love looking at them.
  2. His laugh… he has the best laugh, he laughs at literally everything and it’s so refreshing to see somebody so innocent. It’s adorable.
  3. His smile… 100 percent.
  4. His kindness… he’s so gentle, so sweet, so lovely.
  5. His mind… he’s so intelligent, he has so many ideas, his mind is constantly working on something new and it amazes me… he’s just so smart!
  6. The way he holds me, it’s so comforting and gentle. I feel so secure in his arms.
  7. The way he plays with my hair for hours on end… literally.
  8. How he somehow always manages to cheer me up or calm me down when I’m being moody.
  9. He literally brings out the best in me. He motivates me to be an all round better person.
  10. Just being with him makes me feel like I can defy the entire world… like we can defy the entire world, together!
  11. His sincerity… some people need big gestures from their man to prove that they’re loved… I don’t need that, I just know that he does, even on my bad days when I feel like I don’t deserve him.
  12. His open mind… he is SO open minded about everything, he doesn’t put people in boxes, he gives everyone a chance no matter their race, religion, gender, sexuality… again, it’s so refreshing!
  13. The way he’s both my boyfriend and my best friend… I can talk to him about anything and everything, we talk about a lot of things I would never have dared talk about with any ex boyfriend before… ever!
  14. His forgiveness… he forgives literally everything I do, even when I really don’t deserve it.
  15. Sleeping in his arms… it’s just so easy to fall asleep in them, he makes me feel so content in them.
  16. Trust… a huge one for me, after a horrible time in recent years I feel like he’s literally about the only person I can really open up to and talk to about anything without feeling judged.
  17. He prioritises me over everything/anything else.
  18. He’s spontaneous and adventurous.
  19. We’re so alike… sometimes he will say something and I will just sit and think, woah, I thought I was the only person who thought that?! Something I had literally never previously experienced with anyone before.
  20. He. Always. Smells. Amazing.
  21. This weird bhmmmm thing he does in my ear that tickles like crazy but makes me unbelievably happy.
  22. His ambition… something I cant even begin to describe, it makes me so proud of him.
  23. His passion. Same as above.
  24. His outlook on life… IT IS SO POSITIVE… I literally have no idea how any one person can possess so much positivity or optimism. It’s amazing.
  25. His hugs. They make me feel so warm, and safe.
  26. How he doesn’t like talking on the phone… but for me he stays on for hours.
  27. He replies almost instantly whenever I text, or whenever I call… he always answers… no matter what.
  28. His kisses… the way every so often when we’re in bed together, he will turn to me and kiss my head…  I love it!!!
  29. How after almost 6 months, he still gives me butterflies.
  30. His bum is so sexy!!!!!!
  31. The way he always says encourages me when I’m feeling discouraged.
  32. The way he constantly spanks me in public.
  33. The way he hugs and kisses me in front of my family or friends.
  34. How he’s such a worry wart… he’s always worrying about me, especially when I travel, and it just reiterates everything I’ve said about him being so lovely and caring and adorable.
  35. His affection… the way he spoons me and kisses me and strokes my back and arms and face.
  36. His taste in movies, even thought I always doubt it at first.
  37. His eyebrows… they’re so perfectly shaped?!?!
  38. He’s so gorgeous!!!
  39. The look on his face when he tells me off. It’s so assertive yet adorable.
  40. The way he watches my favourite movies or tv shows with me even though he knows he’s gonna hate them.
  41. His height… he’s so tall, it’s so sexy!
  42. His good morning texts… he texts me every morning without fail telling me that he loves me.
  43. His memory… he remembers all of the little things that we did when we first met… well someone’s gotta tell our kids one day, right?!
  44. How he could be with anyone yet still wants to be with me?!!?!?!
  45. His sleepy kisses.
  46. He makes me feel like I am already the most beautiful girl in the world… and that’s a difficult thing to achieve.
  47. The way he teaches me things about technology, AND myself.
  48. Because even at 36 he’s the sexiest man I’ve ever seen.
  49. He is the calm to my crazy.
  50. His patience… he has so much patience with me when nobody else does.
  51. He’s an optimist… always finding the positives in everything.
  52. He will do anything for me… including playing with my hair constantly… he never says no!
  53. He encourages me even after I feel like I’ve failed.
  54. He’s so polite… I’m sure if I made a disastrous meal he would eat it and then pretend it was amazing.
  55. His work ethic… he works so hard, all the time, in everything that he does.
  56. He treats me like a lady… even when I look and smell like a hobo.
  57. He makes the ordinary, extraordinary.
  58. He loves me.
  59. He loves me… out of all of the women in the world, he loves ME!
  60. How even though I’m already at 60, I feel like I could still go on forever!!! However, I must sleep as it’s 4am!

To be continued… because I find something new to love about him every single day!


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