Art Therapy Colouring Books for Adults

Art Therapy Colouring Books for Adults

After spending an hour drawing pictures of Disney Characters for my nephews to colour in and copy, it hit me how much I missed it… there’s a kind of therapeutic element in just sitting and detaching yourself from the outside world and just drawing and adding colour to the images, it’s like releasing all of the stresses and pressures of the world on to the paper, just like a painter does to a canvas! So imagine my surprise when I walked in to WHSmiths the next day and discovered an entire section of Colouring Books for ADULTS… I was amazed, and I picked one up and bought it straight away.

You might be reading this and think “what?!” or “how can that be? colouring is for kids” but if you really take a step back and think about it, it isn’t… there are illustrators and designers out there who do this kind of thing for a living, and if you’ve ever seen the portfolio of an Art Student, well, then you’d understand! These books are far more complex than your average Children’s colouring book.

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A few examples of the kind of Colouring Books you can buy:


This is the one that I ended up buying, merely because I love buildings and skylines and general architecture, and the images were so cool.

This Colouring Book is full of Nature, Animals, Rivers and cute Scenery. Great for the countryside lovers.

As I’m sure is obvious, this one is a bunch of Flowers, Bugs, Birds and Bees, Trees, Ponds and Landscapes… Its sweet but not for me.

A typical example of the kind of pages you’d find in these books:

All in all I think these Adult Colouring Books are a great idea… new craze or not, it’s evident that it’s a great way to express yourself and your creativity while providing you with somewhat of a release at the same time. 

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