Barbary Macaque Monkeys

Spending the day with 140 Barbary Macaque Monkeys was the best day of MY LIFE! I was 2 when my parents first took me to a Zoo to see the Chimpanzees, and apparently I was a frantic, giggling little mess as the Chimpanzee’s banged on the metal door between us raring to escape – and that’s when my obsession started, I had HUNDREDS of Monkey teddies, books about Monkeys, Encyclopedias JUST ABOUT MONKEYS, and a little Monkey onesie that I would NEVER TAKE OFF – not even for bath time. Flash forward 19 years and I came into contact......

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75 Things To Do Before You Die
February 18, 2016

75 Things To Do Before You Die

Did you ever collect travel magazines and brochures from the travel agents, cut out all of the pictures and then glue them into your groovy chick journal with big bubble writing next to it stamped...