18 Love Quotes For Valentines Day

18 Love Quotes For Valentines Day

Since it’s almost Valentines Day, (3 hours & 2 minutes to be exact… but who’s counting?) I thought I’d make a lovely little post of all the love quotes I adore – I personally love Valentines day, it’s the only time of year I can write lengthy paragraphs out to my boyfriend about how much I love his bum without seeming totally creepy, but whether you’re a lover or a hater, you’re sure to find some endearment in these cute little quotes! Well, I hope you do, anyway! 


I love some of the things Phoebe comes out with, but if you don’t understand then I’ll explain: ‘Lobsters supposedly mate for life.’ It’s just like a soul mate, someone that you’re going to be with forever. Aw.


What better Quote to use than one from our all time favourite, Mark Darcy, swooooooon… I know one thing for sure, he will always be my Mr Darcy!


I will always be obsessed with this, Notting Hill is a brilliant V-day film to curl up and watch – but how cute is this Quote? #adorbz


I experience this every weekend, it’s the romantic version of Netflix and Chill – where you actually watch the show!


But, please, don’t break my heart, please?


We all want something a little exciting and dangerous, though, right?!?! 




Because most things are better done together, I just like it that way.


Be your own Valentine before you become anyone else’s, okay?!


I can relate to this so much.


Someone get me some tissues, I think my *hayfever* is back! #truerelationshipgoals


Oh Blair, #iloveyou


Three more words to melt your heart, am I right, ladies?


Oh Mark, you’re perfect to me, too! 


We all wish we were a little bit more like Meredith. She’s such a rock star when it comes to declaring her love! #queen


I relate to this the most… when will my life beginnnnnn?!?!?! 


Because liking someone is a lot harder than loving them, sometimes.

 ally mcbeal | Tumblr:

And lastly, this quote, because we all need someone to love us like Larry loved Ally, and because I ADORE all things Robert Downey Jr and Larry Paul.

I hope you all have a wonderful-ly exciting Valentines Day, wherever you are, whoever you, whether you’re single or in a relationship – remember to have fun, and if you have nobody to love or spoil, love & spoil yourself instead!


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