My Not So Pretty Little Reaction to The PLL Finale

My Not So Pretty Little Reaction to The PLL Finale

You guessed it, this is yet another so-called rant about how 5 years of television was ruined with the Pretty Little Liars Finale that aired on Tuesday night and sent the fanbase in to meltdown… Warning, will most definitely include spoilers and profanities. You have been warned!

So after 5 long years of countless fake-outs, deaths, suspicions, and more creepy dolls than I’d like to remember, we were finally given our much anticipated yet ‘not-so-big’ A reveal, and we cried, a lot, but not because it was so moving or even shoc k k k k ing but because it was so f*****g disappointing. If you haven’t yet watched it, don’t… let’s just pretend that A was in fact Ezra. Toby, or even Caleb and then happily get on with the rest of your life! See what I’m doing here? Trying to get away from the actual topic because it angers me THAT much! Anwyay, Tuesday’s finale of Pretty Little Liars revealed CeCe Drake (Charles DiLaurentis) as A!

“Who?!?” I hear you scream! Alison DiLaurentis’s transgender brother (sister?) CeCe being just makes zero sense to me… I’m not really sure what went through the writers’ minds while writing this finale I honestly don’t… and I’m still sat here waiting for the “only joking, is actually …” but it doesnt seem to be happening and I’m not sure why?!

The Girls’ Reactions


My Reaction


14 Questions We’re All Asking Ourselves

  1. What was Cece’s motive for torturing Alison and the liars?
    CeCE claimed her motive was to protect her sister, Ali, but if she wanted to protect her why did she subject her to literal mental torture from day one instead of just coming out and saying hey bitches leave my sister alone or I’ll hurt you… like any normal friggin sister would do! Other than claiming she was addicted to the game, she never did provide a reason… sorry but if you’re addicted to torturing teenagers then you have some serious issues.
  2. Why tf did they stop her from jumping off the roof?
    These girls have spent years fearing for their life because of this bitch… Spencer turned to DRUGS because of her, Hannah was literally having a nervous breakdown and Aria was a nervous wreck, and hear they are telling her it isn’t too late.. bitches stfu and push her off that roof before I do!
  3. How does Sara Harvey fit into all of this?
    OK, so I pretty much knew she was in on it from day 1 and assumed she was A anyway… But if CeCe was such a big mastermind then why trust this random girl to help her abuse people in the first place? What was her motive? help me understand please.
  4. Who killed Mrs. DiLaurentis?
    Ok so we never did find out – this is something I hate about the show, all of these loose ends is terrible writing and film-making tbh, my 5 year old nephew could come up with a better script.
  5. Are we going to ignore the fact that Mona admitted to murdering Bethany Young and that she did it by accident because she was trying to kill Ali?
    If she was trying to kill Ali, and Cece pretty much had tabs on everyone and was trying to protect Ali, then why didn’t Cece kill Mona for trying not only to frame Ali for her murder, but for also trying to kill her.
  6. Why did Cece date her brother, Jason?
    Why was it even neccesary, like, really? Why? What were the writers thinking? Ah, they weren’t.
  7. Also, what is the deal with Leslie Stone?
    Another random who was just used to distract us? Why did she torture the girls?
  8. What was the deal with the random ghosts in the show?
    Were they even necessary?
  9. Why did Mrs. D get a call a few seasons back that her daughter (Cece) had just checked into Radley, when she was apparently at Radley since she was a child?
  10. Can we talk about Jenna? Noel? Lucas? Nate? The NAT club?
    Were these random bad guys just used to distract us?
  11. Can we talk about Detective Wildens involvement?
    He clearly wouldnt have been old enough to be a cop when this entire thing started so WTF?!
  12. Where the hell did Cece get all of her money from?
    Like, how did she afford all of equipment and resources to pull off everything? How did she afford to run the energy bills for that giant f******* torture fortress? Why? How? 
  13. What was the entire point of the show and why did I waste 5 years of my life watching this tripe?
  14. Will I watch the new series?
    Probably not.

Overall, the finale did answer one of my questions… did I just waste 5 years of my life on a TV show that made no sense?! Absolutely.

What did you think of the finale? Do you have any questions that you would like answering?

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  1. This was such a nice read! Your obsession with RDJ is like my obsession with Johnny Depp haha!
    Big high5 for calling your cat Salem – that is brilliant! I mean who didn’t love that show? :’)

    Nicole x

  2. I love reading these so much, thanks for sharing!

    Sally ~ DiagonSally

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