I’m Changing My Name + My Illness Update

I'm Changing My Name + My Illness Update

Hey guys, so as some of you may know, I share my surname with an infamous spice girl, and as much as I wanted to be sporty spice when I was 7 and loved making my own remix of “if you wanna be my lover, sex is 50p, condoms £1.50, buy one get one free!!!” I AM THROUGH WITH THIS PHASE. Geri Halliwell, I am abandoning you and our surname, for a newer, cooler one… My new name will be Kirsty Merigermathonincon.

I’m kidding, I’m not REALLY changing my name, but a few days ago my boyfriend Michael made a joke about how I’m always ill yet my name ends with ‘well’ so he came up with a cooler, more appropriate surname… Kirsty Neverwell (hahaha!)

The truth is, I’m NEVER well, it’s starting to depress me, I haven’t been posting because I’ve been a bit down in the dumps and then my laptop broke.

This past month hasn’t been the best for me health-wise, I started off with a horrible viral flu and after a horrible 10 days of that I got a collapsed lung and about 30 ulcers in my mouth, so I couldn’t even eat the pain away – I couldn’t even drink milkshake!!!!

Anyway, amongst all of that I’d been having tests done for a few months on my stomach and it turns out I have some kind of stomach infection, but I now also have tonsillitis, and I’m basically living off Ribena, Ice Pops, and Penicillin.

Tonight I was told I also have pleurisy, which is fluid on the right lung.

I haven’t been working for over a month because of all of these health problems which means I don’t have a wage this month, and am practically living off fresh air – completely baffled as to how I’m going to manage to pay any of my bills, and the only thing keeping my spirits up right now is my boyfriend and my beautiful new Macbook Pro, which is just a materialistic girls version of Prozac, without the horrible side effects, I guess.

That’s all for now, I don’t know when I’ll be blogging again but I’ll try and get some great content out for you guys soon.

In the meantime I’m sorta active on Twitter and Instagram right now, so follow me over there – if you tweet me, I’ll follow you back, I love meeting new bloggers on there!

Have a wonderful week/end and I hope you all had an eggcellent Easter.

Love, Kirsty XO


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  1. OMG I agree with soo many of those!!I put your post in my favorites so that I can make my bucketlist too..I love all your ideas especially no.31 run in a colour run!!


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