Q and A – Getting To Know The Girl Behind The Blog

Q and A - Getting To Know The Girl Behind The Blog

Getting to know the girl (or even guy) behind the blog is something I have always been intrigued with, because the reality of blogging is nowhere near as glamorous as it looks, as I write this I’m sitting in Vimto stained pyjamas half-asleep and I look a mess. 

girl behind the blog

I’ve been blogging for about 6 years now, I was 15 when I first started writing and publishing content online, and that started with Tumblr, progressed to Blogger, and then finally to creating and hosting my own site, and here I am, I’ve learned a lot over the years, but I feel like unless you follow me on Tumblr, the likelihood is that you guys don’t really know me very well, and, well, I’d like to change that.

I took to Tumblr and Twitter to ask if you guys had anything you’d like to know about me, and you all came back with a preetttyyy impressive bunch of questions – I’ve taken the time to answer as many of them as I can tonight, and will be sure to make another one in the future, so here goes, and most of all, have fun!

Q – Who is your favourite celebrity and why?
A –
WHY did you have to ask me this goddamn!? Robert Downey Jr, Robert Downey Jr, Robert Downey Jr!!!! I first fell in love with him when I was 14, I was skipping school and watching junk TV when a film came on with a broodingly handsome actor in who I later discovered was RDJ, I loved him back then Robert Downey Jrpurely because he was so handsome back in the 80’s… however, it wasn’t enough for an obsession to stem, and I saw him a few months later on some American chat show and although he was significantly older, I recognised him straight away and his wit and charm and general persona drew me in, I kinda did my research and that’s when I learnt about his past and his drug problem and how he’d been to prison and hit rock bottom, but that just made me love him even more, and then Iron Man came out and that did it for me, by then I had already seen literally all of his stuff and was addicted to him as Larry Paul – which is funny actually because my mum used to tell me how I had a crush on a guy from a TV show she used to watch when I was a kid, I must have been about 6 – turns out that guy was Robert Downey Jr… and so my obsession was born. He has actually favourited like 9 of my tweets on twitter which is like a big deal since he never favourites people, oh and I have an RDJ fan account on twitter with over 500k followers, so, you could say I love him  a bit. Also, check out my wall – its far more advanced now though!

Q – Do you have a boyfriend?
– Yes I do, his name’s Michael and he is the absolute love of my life, every day is a blessing with him around, I love him more than anything!

–  Sweetest text you’ve ever received?
 – My boyfriend sent me a text when we first started dating and I still remember it word for word almost a year later, it said, “I know you don’t believe in god but you have to wonder when you’re so perfect for me that the only explanation is god created my soul mate from one of his very own angels.” Pretty much ruined me for any other guy and that was that, he’d won me over.

– Where did you go to school/did you like school?
– I went to an Academy and hated every single second of it.

– Where would you most like to live?
– I have pretty much always dreamed of living in the suburbs with a white picket fence, or in a homely apartment overlooking some kind of skyline.

Q – Do you have any pets?
– I have a Black cat called Salem – yes, he’s named after Sabrina’s cat!

What’s your favourite time of year and why?
– The last few months of the year; Halloween, Bonfire night, and Christmas – I love Halloween, it’s the one time of year you get to dress up and be somebody else (unless you’re an actor, obviously!) I have a big family who I don’t always get to see, so Christmas has always been that time of year that I get to see them all, so that will always be my favourite, and as for Bonfire night… erm, bonfire lollies and toffee apples?

– What was your first job?
 – Well, I first started making money when I was 14, while all of my friends were begging their parents for £10 to go out, I was busy at home creating websites and then selling them to businesses, I used to make about £800 a month doing that, and through sponsorships on my blog, and affiliate work – my first “real” job was when I was 16, I worked at Odeon Cinemas.

Q – What’s your favourite beverage?
– Tea… I don’t drink Alcohol, so tea tea tea tea tea.

– Favourite animated film?
– Shrek or Tangled – I’m not really into princess films but I loooove that film! Oh and like maybe ‘A Bugs Life’ because I was obsessed with it as a kid.

Favourite quote?
– “Dreams are only dreams until you wake up and make them real.”

–  Do you have any phobias?
 – Yes, confined spaces, heights, and most of all… rats! I can’t even begin to bring myself to write about why, they’re just disgusting and I hate them.

Do you play video games?
– I have an Xbox 360 and a 3DS, I mostly play Skate games tbh I love them, Tony Hawks, Skate, and mostly like Mario games, word games, etc.


I didn’t realise there were so many questions; if I didn’t answer your questions I’ll be sure to answer them in any future posts that I make, so thank-you for sending me the questions, and if you have anything you’d like to know, just drop me a line in the comments and ‘ll be sure to get back to you!


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