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I believe that it is so incredibly important to maintain your individuality in a relationship; you should never change who you are for ANYONE but at the same time, if you want a long-lasting, happy, fulfilled relationship, you NEED to compromise and make sure that you’re meeting your partners needs. I have mentioned before that Michael and I do literally everything together, we work together (on our side projects away from our day jobs) we hang out together, exercise together, eat together, shop together, watch catfish together, and any time we’re apart we miss each other. I really do......

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A Little Update
November 18, 2015

A Little Update

It’s been a while now since I have been actively posting, and I miss it. Life has been hectic, I have been unwell non-stop for about a month now, it started with dizziness, I couldn’t...

A Little Reminder
October 01, 2015

A Little Reminder

To put it simply, life is for soaking up all of those little moments that make us smile unexpectedly and living every day with gratitude!  Happy Thursday! Do you have a motto that you swear...

I'm Sick + Other Updates!
September 24, 2015

I’m Sick + Other Updates!

Excuse my lack of posts over the last two weeks, I somehow contracted a nasty bug and ended up bed-bound with flu and this horrible chest infection – it’s nothing new, really, I get it...