The A-Z Of Me

The A-Z Of Me

I was nominated by a blogger on Twitter called pursuingpositivity and after looking through very similar posts I decided to give mine a little creative twist, I hope you enjoy it. 

I have Asthma and am hospitalised with it at least twice yearly.

Bread is one of my all time favourite foods.

I watched all 7 seasons of the TV show Castle in 7 days and it was amazing.

Which brings me to my all time favourite TV show, Dexter.

I love the name Elias for a little boy, mostly because it’s Robert Downey Jr’s real surname and I looooove him, plus the name is super cute.

I have a cat named Fred, I named him after Drop Dead Fred, my favourite childhood character.

I love playing Games; video games, board games, outdoor games, etc.

I believe in Happily ever after.

My best purchase ever has to be my iPhone and my iPad, they blow my mind.

I have been obsessed with Robert Downey Jr since I was 14, I have every single on of his films on DVD, an entire collage/mural of photos of him on my childhood bedroom wall, I have a Twitter fan account for him with over 500,000 followers, and a website fan page for him, too!

My name is Kirsty, my mum named me after a Scottish TV presenter.

I’m completely in Love, with an amazing man.

My boyfriend Michael is the love of my life and my best friend.

I can remember extremely long Numbers, after viewing them for a second, it’s a talent that I’ve had since I was a kid.

I love Oreo Milkshake, it’s the best thing ever.

I love taking Photographs, it’s my favourite way to capture a moment, to capture something beautiful and give it immortality. Having said that, I also love to read and write Poetry.

People always tell me that I’m Quirky.

I hate Rats, they are my number 1 fear, it stems from early exposure them, my brother used to put them in my bed while I was sleeping, and I have been terrified ever since.

I love Superhero movies, The Avengers, Iron Man, and the rest of the Marvel heroes are my favourites.

I love to Travel, and have a Tattoo of the NYC skyline on my wrist.

I have an Unusual obsession with buying a new pair of socks every day of the week, and I never wear the same pair twice.

I love the Vampire Diaries, it’s one of those shows I started waaaay after everyone else but loved instantly.

I’m good with Words, I love to read and write and discover awesome new words.

I enjoy playing on my Xbox 360, specifically Skate3.

My favourite British city is York. It’s beautiful there, especially during winter.

I have never been to a Zoo.
I’d love to hear your A-Z, if you’ve done your own A-Z post please leave your links in the comments and I’ll be sure to check them out – and if you haven’t… Consider yourself nominated!

Kirsty xo


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  1. I enjoyed reading this post 🙂

    I also loved the movie Drop Dead Fred when I was younger. Great movie & so funny!

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