5 Ways To Relax

5 Ways To Relax

I’ve had a pretty stressful few days this week, I started off with a cold last Sunday and it rapidly progressed into a chest infection, which has left me bedbound and a little bit fidgety/uneasy because I’m usually so active and on my feet and well it got thinking about ways in which I could try and relax for a while – number 1 was write a blog post, so I’m writing a blog post about how to relax, amazing, right? I think so.


Relax Magazine

Skimming through the pages of magazines and reading light hearted or uplifting stories is always great for bringing a smile to your face and cheering you up, which in turn, relaxes you! There are loads of magazines you could choose from depending on what you’re into, for example, fashion, beauty, comedy, film, television, or real life. My favourites are film, tv, and reality, where people write stories about how their dead horse is haunting them and stuff.


Relax Cat Pet

Cuddling with or stroking a Cat or Dog has been *scientifically proven* to lower blood pressure and stress levels, helping us to relaxxxxx – plus they’re cute and furry which always helps, right?



When I’m feeling down in the dumps or having ‘one of those days’ I like to curl up under the covers and watch FRIENDS on my iPad – it’s the perfect pick-me-up TV show, and is so funny and heartwarming, in fact, I’m watching it right now. Get in bed, and stick on some FRIENDS.


Relax Bath

My favourite thing to do when I want to relax is have a nice warm bubble bath, I also usually use lavender bath salts or liquid because they’re good for relaxing your muscles and leave you feeling refreshed and your muscles kinda energized, and you always end up smelling great, too. I know that a lot of people like Lush bath bombs etc but I only occasionally use them because they leave the bath so oily and make my skin feel dry and weird, so I tend to avoid them  – though when I’m really in the mood for a colourful bath time, I’ll purchase them, because hey you’re never too old for pretty coloured bath bombs, right? Why not add a few candles around the edges of the bath and grab a book, too?


Relax Forest

I love going for walks, especially on Sundays, there’s some lovely nature parks around here and I love walking through the peace of it all, it makes me feel the most alive I’ve ever been – I hated it at first, it depressed me being so alone somewhere so isolated but I have since found solace in the silence.

If you have any fun or creative things you like to do to cheer yourself up or to relax, let me know in the comments, and have a lovely Sunday!

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  1. Cuddling your pet – yes!


  2. This is great, such lovely ideas! Although I wish I had my own pet to cuddle with hehe.. xxxxx


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